Lunch Break + Discussion

Grab a snack and let's chat

About This Event

Discussions are always better with food, right? Let's take a minute to refresh and repsond to what we just heard! 

December 1, 2020
11:00 am
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Day 2
3:00 pm

Accelerate Your Vision. Transform Your Community.

Get one last dose of fuel as we wrap up the Accelerate conference and you go out to leave a legacy of changed lives.

Day 1
12:30 pm

Accelerate Your Vision Day One Wrap + Day Two Preview

We'll wrap up our first day, taking time to outline our vision and get ready to accelerate toward the future.

Day 2
10:45 am

Birds of a Feather Networking

We've got more in common than we realize.

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Accelerate Your Future

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